It's easy to register for Oakleigh Dolphins Swim Club

We are using a new app for swimmer registration and event nominations. 

The Swim Connect Meet Manager App:

  • takes many volunteer hours out of running swim club
  • gives us all real time results to our phones as it happens
  • give us instant access on our phones to individual results

Download the App and let’s get started!

Set Up the Swim Club App to register following these easy steps:

Step 1 - Download the App

Mac OS


Step 2 - Create your profile and join the club Oakleigh Dolphins Swim Club

The membership code for our club is 4060

Step 3 - Create your swimmer profiles

Step 4 - Click on the meet and you will see option to nominate

Select only one distance per stroke per swimmer. Nominations are available right up until the event. More info on how to nominate for races can be found here.

Step 5 - Turn up at club night!

Please note: If this is the first time using the app - the heats will be seeded on age instead of times, which might make the first meet seem a little out of whack. Once each swimmer has a time saved into the app, the heats going forward will be arranged based on times. Please explain this to your kids for the first time when you nominate through the app, so that they understand why they may not be swimming against people their own speed - it will self-regulate as we move forward with this method of nomination.

Time Keepers

Time keepers will use their own phones to record times. It’s super easy! Timekeepers, please make sure your phone is charged ready to go.


One parent only should register each child. If a parent wants the other parent to also be able to manage nominations each week and see their results, the second parent should download the app and register their details then select “Find Existing Swimmers" to find their child. An “Add” button appears where a prompt arrives that gives you the option to send a request to the person who registered the child.