To ensure the ongoing success of the club, we need every family to volunteer at least twice per year for duties such as Canteen, BBQ, Marshalling and Timekeeping.

We are also looking for one person to volunteer every Friday to collect the food order from the bakery in Ashgrove and from Ashgrove Fresh Fruit Market. This person would not need to volunteer for duties on the night. If you can assist please contact one of the Swim Club Committee Members.

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Volunteers should arrive at 5.45pm.

We require volunteers each week for:

  • BBQ
  • canteen
  • collecting food orders that afternoon
  • set up and pack up
  • time keeping (you will need to use the app on your phone for this on the night)
  • marshalling
  • registrations and admissions at the gate

Your help is very much appreciated.

What's involved

Two canteen servers are required to be rostered on each Friday night.

Rostered on servers should aim to arrive by 5:30pm to help with set up and preparation.

The following tasks need to be done:

  1. Wipe down all bench tops and sink area
  2. Sweep floor
  3. Place bin liner in rubbish bin if not already there
  4. Fill water cooler with fresh water and place on pool side counter with cups if available
  5. Work with BBQ servers to top up salad items
  6. Place one type of each drink on fridge top for selection by customers
  7. Put chips, lollies, etc on counter in baskets/bowls
  8. Count out number of tickets for sale of burgers, kebabs, sausages etc
  9. Put volunteer list and price list outside
  10. Put money float in drawer
  11. Wash up
  12. Put stock away in cupboard.  All items to be placed in containers, lids to be placed on all containers or into fridge if room.
  13. Restock fridge with drinks
  14. Put sauces back in the fridge
  15. Collect money from drawer – Treasurer or Canteen convenor
  16. Please encourage people to use recycling bin provided

Two BBQ servers and one cook are also required and should aim to arrive by 5:45pm for set up.

Duties include:

  1. Take BBQ out of the shed – please check the BBQ gas bottle and take note if it may need to be filled for the next week and advise Canteen Convenor
  2. Take 2 x long folding tables out of the shed – one to be placed next to the BBQ and one to be placed outside the entry gate as a registration table, table cloths are found in canteen
  3. Line a bin and take over to the BBQ area
  4. Take lighter/matches from the canteen to the BBQ area
  5. Cut up tomatoes, lettuce, and any other salad vegetables in fridge place into salad bowls and take to BBQ area, open beetroot (tin can be used to catch BBQ oil).
  6. Cut up onions and place into a stainless steel/heat proof bowl and take over to the BBQ table with the following:
    • Oil and salt for cleaning BBQ – stored in canteen
    • Knife/tongs – 4 sets for cooking and serving
    • 3 x large serving platters - line with aluminium foil for the cooked food to go on
    • Aluminium foil – this is to cover cooked food on serving table to keep it warm
    • Tomato/BBQ Sauce/Mustard - stored in the fridge
    • Serviettes – stored in the canteen
    • Disposable gloves – stored in canteen
    • Plastic plates for kebabs and salad in canteen cupboard
    • Take out bread and rolls and place a serviette between each slice of bread/roll
  7. At the conclusion of the BBQ return the BBQ and tables to the shed.  Wash and put away utensils/platters/bowls used for the BBQ
  8. Please advise the Canteen Convenor if you noticed any of the supplies running low

Cooking Guide

1st on the BBQ are the onions

2nd is the sausages – approx. half the quantity provided

3rd is the hamburger patties – all of the quantity provided

4th is the chicken skewers – half of the quantity provided

5th is the steaks as they are very thin and only need a minute or two on each side

  • Cook remaining sausages and kebabs last after checking with canteen numbers sold
  • Place any uncooked items in fridge or freezer
  • Once cooked, place on aluminium lined serving trays to go on the BBQ serving table and cover with foil